Installing Restricted Formats on Ubuntu 8.10

In Ubuntu, propreitary media formats like mp3, WMA and QuickTime, Flash plugin, Java Runtime Environment (JRE), etc. are not supported by default. But you can enable them by installing the Restricted Formats.

Also note that by installing Restriced Formats, you will be able to use Microsoft fonts like Arial, Tahoma and Times New Roman, which will not be available in the default installation of Ubuntu.

To install Restricted Formats, go to Applications -> Add/Remove. After that select “All Available Applications” and search for “restricted.” (see picture below)

Adding restricted packages

From the results, tick “Ubuntu Restricted Extras” and click on Apply Changes. This will start the downloading of package files. Once the files are downloaded, they will be installed automatically.

If you run into any trouble with the Add/Remove program, there is an alternative way to do this. Open the Synaptic Package Manager by going to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.

Just like before, search for “restricted”.

Using SPM

Select “Ubuntu restricted extras” and click on the Apply button. This will start the installation.


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