Installing Ubuntu Tweak on Ubuntu 8.10

Ubuntu Tweak is a small yet very useful software which you can install and use to tweak your Ubuntu installation. It helps you to easily install and remove software, change various system settings at one place, enhance your desktop and cleanup un-needed packages to save disk space, etc. You can view screenshots of Ubuntu Tweak from here.

There are a number of ways to install Ubuntu Tweak. The easiest way is to download the .deb package directly and double-click on it to start installation.

The second way is to use Terminal. But before that you have to add Ubuntu Tweaks to the software sources list. To do this, go to Software Sources (System -> Administration -> Software Source), select the “Third-Party Software” tab and add the following source to the list:

deb intrepid main

After that you can use the following command in Terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) to install Ubuntu Tweak:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

Here’s a third way to install Ubuntu Tweaks. Execute the following command in Terminal (in a single line). Note that this command won’t work once there is a new version out, as it will change the .deb file’s name and also the URL, so it would be better if you chose one of the methods mentioned above.

wget && sudo dpkg -i ubuntu-tweak_0.4.2-1~intrepid1_all.deb

Once installation is complete, you can find Ubuntu Tweak inside Applications -> System Tools.


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