Upload photos to Flickr from your desktop using Flickr Uploader

Flickr Uploader is a simple and useful tool which you can use to upload your photos to Flickr directly from your Ubuntu desktop instead of going to the Flickr website and signing in. It not only allows you to upload multiple photos at the same time, but can tag the photos, add them to sets, set privacy settings, etc. before you upload them.

Flickr Uploader is quite easy and fast to install. Just go to Add/Remove and search for “Flickr”. Once you find Flickr Uploader, tick it and click the Apply button.

installing Flickr Uploader

Once the installation is complete you can open the program by going to Applications -> Internet -> Flickr Uploader.

When you open Flickr Uploader for the very first time, the following dialog box will appear. Before you will be able to upload photos to your account, you will need Flickr to give permission for the program to do so. Once you have given permission, you would no longer need to log into Flickr using browser or even from Flick Uploader.

So to do this, click the “Login to Flickr” URL in the dialog box. (Don’t close the dialog box yet.)


Once you enter your Flickr username and password and login, you will see the following screen. Click the “OK, I’ll allow it” button.


Once you click the button, you will see the following screen. Now you can log out of Flickr and close your browser.


Now you can click the “Continue” button in the dialog box and your’re all set!

You can add photos to Flickr Uploader, set the name, description, tags, etc. and when you’re done, click the Upload button at the bottom. As as example, I’ll add one photo to my own Flickr account.

New photo


After the uploading has finished, you can open your browser and point to your Flickr account. You will see that your photos have been uploaded.


Revoking the Flickr Permission

If you don’t like Flickr Uploader and uninstalled it, you should revoke the permission you gave to the program earlier. To do this, go to the following URL:


Revoke Permission

From the list of third-party applications you might have given permission, remove the permission for Postr.


Click the “Revoke Permission” button to revoke the permission.


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