Trying the Seamless Mode in VirtualBox

If you’re using VirtualBox as your virtualization tool, you should try out this great feature. While running your virtual machine, go to the Machine menu and click on “Seamless Mode”. Or simply press RightCtrl+L (where RightCtrl is your Host key).


You will see that your guest OS now appears on the same screen the host OS. You can work on both OSs at the same time without any problems. Here’s a screenshot (my host OS is Windows XP and guest OS is Ubuntu 8.10)


As you can see, the icons on the Windows desktop are there as well as the screenlets on my Ubuntu desktop. The Also you can see I’m using the Google Chrome on Windows while I’m using Add/Remove to install a new software on Ubuntu.

To return back to the windowed mode, just press RightCtrl + L. Try this and see if you like it.


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