Installing Minbar Prayer Times in Ubuntu 8.10

In my last post I wrote about the Ubuntu Muslim Edition (UbuntuME). In UbuntuME there’s a cool software called Minbar Prayer Times which displays daily prayer times and qibla direction. I checked and found that you can easily install it on Ubuntu 8.10

First, go to the Applications menu and click on Add/Remove. Then search for ‘minbar’.


After you find it, select it and click the Apply Changes button. This will start the installation. Once the installation is complete, you can open Minbar by going to the Applications -> Accessories menu.


The first thing to do would be to set your location. Click the Preferences button and select your city. After that you will see the prayer times for your location and also the qibla direction. You can also get this information by moving your mouse pointer over the tray icon on the top panel.

Minbar trayicon


7 Responses to Installing Minbar Prayer Times in Ubuntu 8.10

  1. Joeangin006 says:

    I’ve insalled this app in my Ubuntu 8.10. But it has a problem with the sound of Athan Subh(*.wave). Can you explain this problem for me??

  2. nass says:

    Try installing the Restricted Formats

  3. Arif says:

    Unable to listen Athan as athan is not configured in preferences.

  4. doni says:

    I installed this in ubuntu 9.04 succesfully, but the prayer time calculation is not accurate at all. Also, I checked the city list (city Finder) and the country of Indonesia is skipped. Please include it.

    Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  5. doni says:

    Apparently Indonesia is included in Australisa. Sorry. Thanks.


  6. REaz says:

    I installed it and gave an option that it would minimize to the tray. Now I do not find it anymore.

    what can I do?

  7. Repon says:

    For ubuntu 14.04 How can I install Athaan software?

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