Installing Dropbox on Ubuntu 8.10


First go to the Dropbox website and download the .deb package. Make sure you select the (x86) package.

Once the download is complete, double-click on it to start installation. When the installation is over you will need to restart Nautilus; you can do this by logging out and back in or by executing the following command in Terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal).

killall nautilus

Now you will see the Dropbox icon appear in the taskbar.


Right-click on the icon and select “Start Dropbox”. This starts the downloading of Dropbox. Sit back and wait until the download is complete.


Once Dropbox has been downloaded the setup will begin. Follow the instructions on the screen and proceed.




Note: By default your Dropbox will be in the directory “YourHomeFolder/Dropbox”. If you want to choose another folder, you can tick “I want to choose where to put my Dropbbox” in this screen.


Setup is now complete and you can start uploading and sharing files!



7 Responses to Installing Dropbox on Ubuntu 8.10

  1. nass says:

    @Man In Front of Linux
    Once you have uploaded your files you can share download links OR you can put the files in your Public folder

  2. Milerx says:

    Excellent!! it doesn’t matter if i’m running ubuntu 8.10 x64 bits?

  3. nass says:

    You can get the .deb package for 64bit PCs from the same page.

  4. meonkeys says:

    Strange… I have a few directories in my home directory that are symlinks to directories on other partitions. For instance:

    /home/meonkeys/foo -> /var/local/adam/plain/foo

    When I try to put my dropbox here, the wizard says “Target folder is used for temporary files” and disallows the choice.

  5. penis says:

    fuck you!!!!!!!!

  6. radsky says:

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