Full Circle Magazine #21 is out

February 4, 2009

Full Circle Magazine


Full Circle Magazine (Issue 20)

January 18, 2009

Full Circle Magazine

Contents of Issue 20

  • Command and Conquer – The Daunting Terminal.
  • How-To : Program in C – Part 4, Web Development – Part 1, Backup & Sync Your Music.
  • My Story – Making Money With FOSS
  • Book Review – Ubuntu Kung Fu
  • My Opinion – Italy Speaks OSS
  • MOTU Interview – Andrea Colangelo
  • Top 5 – Backup Solutions


Full Circle Magazine (Issue 19)

December 1, 2008

Full Circle MagazineContents of Issue 19

  • command and conquer – Lost and Found.
  • how-to : Program in C – Part 3, Make a WiFi Access Point, Using GIMP – Part 8 and Create Mobile Multimedia.
  • my story – Ubuntu John
  • book review – Beginning Ubuntu Linux 3rd Ed.
  • motu interview – Emilio Monfort
  • top 5 – Virtualization Tools
  • new feature! Ubuntu Games – Open Arena


Full Circle Magazine

November 19, 2008

Full Circle Magazine

Free Circle Magazine is a monthly, free and independent e-magazine dedicated to the Ubuntu family. Every month you can download the magazine in PDF format from their website. Articles are available in a range of categories, like How-To’s, Q&A, letters, interviews, reviews and opinions, etc.

The latest issue available is October 2008 and contains very useful articles. I particularly liked the one titled “Command and Conquer”, which was about package management in Terminal (and not the popular game of the same name 😛 ) I think that article would be great for new Ubuntu users.

There are also a couple of How-To articles; on GIMP, on how to secure a network drive, on how to install Ubuntu 8.10 and also on programming in C.

Download the latest issue from here.